Can you help by sending me clay/ clayey-soil? Project in development...I will be back at the British Ceramics Biennial with a new commission for 2019...continuing to rely on local/global networks

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‘...imagining all the connections that the story contains: human beings in movement, along with everything they can make, think or believe. Nothing is ever quite new, or settled, or empty. Frontiers shift. Languages change. People migrate.’

Michael Pye

The Edge of the World: How the North Sea Made Us Who We Are, 2014

There is a prevailing feeling that the world is getting smaller, we can travel at high speed across the globe and can communicate with people thousands of miles away in an instant. Despite this, we are increasingly removed from direct material connections. Britain is an island, though once it was connected to mainland Europe by the now drowned Doggerland, people could have walked across.

For AWARD at the British Ceramics Biennial 2017 I made [UN]WOVEN with the help of the network of connections from around Europe.

‘Hard Border’ woven stoneware, steel structure and ‘Pavers’ hand made bricks, each containing clayey soil sent from different places around Europe; bringing together the personal trajectories of the individuals donating the material, with each brick representing these connections and histories, forming a constitutive part of the whole artwork.

I will be returning with a commission for 2019 and hope to expand the network of connections: local and global.

If you would like to participate, you will need to collect a small amount of clay (or clayey soil*) - 120g minimum (dry or wet...around a large handful).

*clayey soil is sticky when wet and can be rolled between the fingers into a ball

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